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with Anoushka Dannin

Dream Dealer. Entrepreneur. Mom. Influencer.



Hi, I’m Anoushka! I’m a 40-something South Florida girl living in a Las Vegas world.  I’m a wife, mom, influencer and self-proclaimed Dream Dealer. In April of 2018, I said yes to a huge opportunity with Monat that would change not only my life, but so many other women’s lives as well.

I love spending my day inspiring people on social media with the best beauty and wellness products, highlighting my newest fashion finds, and taking you with me to a few of my favorite local hot spots around Vegas.


I am a strong believer that you’re never too old to find your passion in life.

Check out all of my favorite links below when it comes to beauty, fashion, travel and wellness….For Your Reputation! 

Whether you're craving a new skincare routine or you're trying to finally achieve the hair of your dreams...don't worry I've got you. I'll help you choose the best product that fits your needs. Think of me as your personal beauty consultant/bestie.


To get started, click the link below and fill out your personalized hair consult form so we can get started on tailoring your unique hair hair routine to transform your hair!

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I believe that style and fashion is what you make it! You don't necessarily have to dress for your age,  and you definitely deserve to feel confident and sexy in your clothes! 

I love sharing my OOTD over on Instagram and showing you how simple tweaks in an outfit can truly elevate your entire look.

My favorite style hack? Wearing pajamas as an outfit. 

Check out my style files below and get inspired!


Life is too short to not go discover the world every chance you get. I love traveling to new destinations and creating awesome memories with my family.

Whether it's a road trip or overseas plan ride, the journey starts the minute you book your trip. I've learned some great travel hacks along the way that will make your journey so much easier.

Click the travel files button below and head to my many highlights from the Bahamas to Seattle. It's time to start checking some destinations off your bucket list!

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Let's Work Together

Launching my Monat business in 2017 after leaving my financial analyst job was one of the best things I have ever done.

Yes, we're the #1 hair company in the world, but we are so much more than just hair. We are passionate and committed to clean beauty inside and out.

There are too many reasons to list here on why this would be life changing for you, too. So instead I put it in a quick video below so you can check out the rest of the details.

If you have more questions or want to talk more about working together, hop over to Instagram and send me a DM. I can't wait to hear from you!


Astrology Is For Everyone

You guys. I just had my birth chart read and it was an incredible experience.


Kristina of @astrologyisforeveryone and I connected on Instagram and I found out she is local to Vegas. Before the reading, I gave her my birth date, my birth place and time of birth and she gave me the most spot on reading via zoom.


I was truly mind blown. I understand myself so much better now. It was like that third-party validation that I am doing what I was meant to do in this life and I'm fulfilling who I truly am.


She is giving my community 50% off her services which are normally $179.


Just tell her I sent you! 

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